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Pure Vision 2HD for Astigmatism

Pure Vision 2HD for Astigmatism

Monthly, toric silicone hydrogel contact lenses for correction of astigmatism (cylinder and degree recipe). With high oxygen permeability and a unique Auto Align design that provides stable, clear visual acuity for an active lifestyle. The slim design of the lenses and the rounded edge shape allow the tear fluid to circulate under and over the lens, enabling wear comfort throughout the day. High-resolution optics reduces light scattering (spherical aberration), increases contrast sensitivity and improves vision in low light – a significant added value for drivers. The surface treatment of the lens Performa repels lipids, proteins, and dirt. The COMFORT MOIST technology supports the lens’s wetting power when water molecules create a moisture pad around the lens. Surveys show that higher basal density, diameter, and optical zone help the expectations of people with astigmatism. It can be worn in day mode for 1 month and is also approved for 24 hours with specialist permission for up to 30 days. Consult our optometrist or ophthalmologist to find the right method and care for you.

Water content 36%, Dk / t 91

∅14.5, BC 8.9; strength +6.00 to -9.00, cyl -0.75 to -2.25 (degree 0.5D)

Price: 28.00 €

Loyal customer price: 23.80

Package of 2 pcs